Reporting Fraud

  • Think You Are a Victim of Fraud?
    Please call our Fraud Support Hotline at (562) 344-2350.

Reporting Suspicious Email

  • Reporting Suspicious Information - Are you receiving suspicious information such as e-mails requesting your online banking User ID and password, ATM PIN, or telling you your Debit Card has been deactivated? Have you received any other security notices or information you think may be suspect?2

Web Browser Security

Common Types of Fraud

  • E-mail and Other Scams
  • Phishing, Vhishing and Smishing - Learn more about current scams that have been reported. Click here.
  • Top 10 Consumer Scams – Protect yourself throughout the year.  Find out more about the top 10 banking scams directly from the FDIC to help you stay prepared.

Identify Theft

How You Can Protect Yourself

  • E-mailing sensitive information and/or documents – Register for Farmers & Merchants Bank’s Secure E-Mail service and rest-assured that your communications and any sensitive information attachments like loan documents, tax returns, and personal identification details are secure when you send them to us. Click here to send a secure e-mail2
  • Protecting Your Information - Learn more about how you can stop internet pirates from stealing your personal information. Click here.
  • Protect Your Debit Card – Learn more about how to protect your F&M Debit Card online transactions with MasterCard® SecureCode™.
  • Spyware Prevention & Detection - Best practices on Spyware prevention and detection. Click here to learn more.
  • Review your statements thoroughly and promptly report any activity you don't recognize.


Since email is not a secure method of communication, please do not send any sensitive information (e.g. Social Security or account numbers) via email. If you need to include sensitive information in your communication to us, please contact us by phone.