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Text Commands
Text Command
Text Command Example Description
Bal Bal Request available balances for all linked accounts
Bal(account name or numbers) Balance Jane Request available balance for a specific account
Details(account name or number) Details 809884543 Request details of a specific account
History(account name or numbers) History Jack Request a list of the last four transactions performed using Mobile Banking
Transfer Transfer 25.00 from Jane to Jack Request a list of available text commands
Help All Help All Request a list of available text commands
Help Help Request help
Stop Stop Disable Text Banking

Features and Benefits

  • Pay bills, view balances, search history and transfer funds
  • Deposit checks3
  • Send money to friends & family1
  • View the front and back of cleared checks
  • Customize alerts
  • Approve wires in dual control - business only
  • Find the nearest F&M office or ATM

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Security with F&M Mobile Banking.

F&M Mobile Banking utilizes best practice security services such as HTTPS,  TSL encryption, PIN or password access, biometrics, and application time-out when your mobile phone or device is not in use.  Only the phones that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts.  No account data is ever stored on your phone, including check images for Mobile Check Deposit.  If your mobile phone or device is lost or stolen, you can disable the service immediately through Online Banking or by calling us at (866) 437-0011.


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  • 1Only available to clients with a personal debit card and a personal online banking profile. Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply.
  • 2F&M Bank does not charge for this service, however, your wireless carrier may charge you fees related to this service.
  • 3Availability of your deposited funds is based on F&M Bank's hold policies, are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal. Deposit limit and other restrictions apply.