F&M Chip Cards

Benefits of Chip Technology

Chip Chip cards are now the global standard in fraud protection giving you even more protection against fraud and theft. Your account information is stored on the microchip, the small metal chip on the front of your debit card. The chip generates a dynamic code for another layer of security, making every transaction unique. Chip technology makes it more difficult to counterfeit your F&M Cards, so use them to make everyday purchases safely and conveniently


ChipInstructions Step1

Step 1: Insert your card in the terminal with the chip facing up. Do not remove it until prompted.

ChipInstructions Step2

Step 2: Approve the transaction as usual. Provide your PIN if prompted.

Chip Instructions - Step 3

Step 3: When your transaction is complete, remove your card.


  • Some merchants will require you to enter a PIN instead of signing the display panel for authorization.
  • If a merchant hasn’t switched to a chip card terminal, you can still swipe your card with the magnetic strip.
  • There are no changes to how you purchase online and over the phone.

F&M ATMs accommodate chip cardsATM

  1. Insert your new chip card and do not remove it until prompted.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete your transaction as usual.
  3. When your transaction is complete, remove your debit card.

Does your business process card payments?

Protect your business against fraud liability and use our chip-enabled terminals to process chip cards payments. Our terminals will help your business avoid in-person counterfeit card fraud losses. When your merchant terminal has Chip Technology, your business protects your customers’ data, your reputation, and your bottom line. Let us provide your business with wireless and countertop chip-enabled terminals at cost and with a one year warranty. Our terminals feature everything you need to process payments easily and securely.

Why make the move to chip-enabled terminals?

  • Effective October 1, 2015, the responsibility for some fraudulent transactions shifted to the “least-secure” party, either the issuer or the merchant who is not chip-enabled.
  • About 50% of all credit card fraud occurs in the U.S. costing billions of dollars in losses.
  • Other markets around the world are experiencing an 80% reduction in counterfeit fraud with in-person transactions due to chip technology.

Discover more about how we can provide chip-enabled terminals for your business by checking out our FAQs. Ask for a no-cost comparison today. Contact F&M Merchant Services at (562) 344-2348, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm PT or email Merchant.Services@fmb.com. How to Use Your Chip Card at a Chip Terminal: Chip Technology Terms