Direct Deposit


Direct deposit is the way to offer your employees the benefit of having their recurring paycheck, pension, government benefits or other income deposited directly into their checking account or savings account. Direct deposit is quick, convenient and safe. No more waiting in line and worrying about lost checks!

To get direct deposit, employees simply need to give the employer or payor of their recurring deposits their account number and bank routing number. For additional assistance, call us at (866) 437-0011.

NOTICE: The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently announced that all federal benefits and non-tax payments will only be made electronically by March 1, 2013. People currently receiving federal benefits by paper check will have until March 1, 2013 to select an electronic payment method. People applying for federal benefits for the first time, will need to choose direct deposit to expedite payment. Avoid interruption in payment by signing up for Direct Deposit with F&M! Visit for more information.

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Online Statements (e-Statements)

Frustrated with the clutter of monthly paper account statements?  Go paperless today!  Online statements (e-Statements) from F&M are a convenient, simple and safe way to manage your account records while offering the same benefits as paper statements. Sign-up for Online Banking today and select e-statements to safely reduce the clutter and easily manage your account.

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Farmers & Merchants Bank Gift Cards by MasterCard®

Do you have a graduation, wedding, baby shower, or birthday coming up? Is it company bonus time? Simplify gift giving with Farmers & Merchants Bank gift cards by MasterCard®. Visit your local branch today to purchase bank gift cards in any monetary amount you choose.

NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines

Attention ACH Customers: Stay up-to-date and compliant with the rules governing the ACH network by reviewing the National Automated Clearing House Association’s (NACHA) Operating Rules & Guidelines.